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    3. LED/COB products Set Home Hotline:+86-0755-27470059 中國 - 簡體中文
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          About Us
      Company Profile
      TEL: 86-755-2747 0059
              86-755-2747 2469
      FAX: 86-755-2747 0061
      Email: yhzhao@szjuduo.com
      Skype: dellamanan
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      Company Profile

      Shenzhen JOD Optoelectronics CO.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of COB/LED packaging and application. Our company registered capital is RMB10 million and total assets is about RMB200 million. We are a new and high technology enterprise integrated R&D,production,sales and service .

      Main products: auto COB/LED modules , COB/LED angel eyes, COB/LED fog lampsCOB/LED daytime running light (DRL), COB/LED energy-saving lamp, COB/LED fluoresent lamp etc.

      We own excellent R&D department, modern production base, advanced full automatic COB/LED  assembly line and testing equipments. Manufacturing and service covers COB/LED package,COB/LED SMT, COB/LED modules, COB/LED integrated circuit, COB/LED lamp design, reliability testings and so on. The excellent technology and  strong sense of marketing development help our company stand out from the crowd in the fierce market competition and get wonderful achievement.

      Nowadays, our COB/LED products have been sold to China Mainland, HK, Marco and Taiwan regions, west Europe, South and North America, Southeast Asia etc.What we are always doing is continuous innovation under the promise of high quality and best service. It is our long-term strategy for the development of our company.

      Shenzhen JOD Optoelectronics CO.,Ltd is willing to show you the light of wisdom.

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