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    3. LED/COB products Set Home Hotline:+86-0755-27470059 中國 - 簡體中文
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      Talent Center
      TEL: 86-755-2747 0059
              86-755-2747 2469
      FAX: 86-755-2747 0061
      Email: yhzhao@szjuduo.com
      Skype: dellamanan
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      Talent Center

      Persist in using the goal of inspiring vision, with a platform for career development to cultivate people with emotional and treatment to keep people, to encourage people to continuously self-transcendence, boarded a broader stage.

      Human resources objectives
      Persist around the "people-centered" concept of enterprise development, to attract, train and retain industry and business are closely related to high-level personnel, to create configuration reasonable, and structural optimization of the elite talent team; to form an effective macro-and micro human resource development and management capacity to form pairs of humanity at all levels of employees and efficient management; constantly improve the remuneration system innovation, and corporate brand, size suited to protect the rational flow of a stable workforce to provide a solid backbone protection; shape the corporate image of excellence employers to build "learning organization "Staff growth mechanism, and effectively promoting the common development of employees and enterprises. Through the introduction of strategic human resources management to enhance strategy, pay and benefits strategy and employer branding strategies for the effective implementation of human resources career development environment.

      People-oriented human resource system
      We as a company's most important asset and business the driving force behind long-term development through the establishment of mechanisms for cultivating talents tier selection, fair and scientific performance evaluation mechanisms, different categories of systematic training mechanism, a reasonable distribution of wealth welfare system, build a long-term businesses and employees of to win the interest of community, enterprise and employees grow together.

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