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      LED Car Light Development Prospects
      Published date: 9/9/2014

      Current domestic market:
      With the rapid development of auto industry in our country, especially the development at full speed of the car market in nearly a year, the development of the LED lights market was boost in China: in 2003, we successfully launched equipped with a full range of LED lights, except as headlight before buick regal concept car. In the second half of 2004, although our country automobile high growth momentum, but the car market is still competitive. New style, new models , further accelerated the development and research of new type of LED lights.

      Development prospects:
      LED lamp is a big trend in the development of car lights and lighting of the common requirements, that is to stimulate the rapid development of the LED chip industry increasingly. In the next five years, the domestic of yield and quality of LED chips will have significant improvement and change.

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