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      4 Tips When Choosing Car Bulbs
      Published date: 15/01/2014

      How to know automobile lamps market?
      At present,automobile lamps and lanterns of circulation industry is divided into three major market,  the truck market, professional maintenance, auto parts retail market. After years of automobile lamps and lanterns selectives examination found that the vehicle manufacturer use parts quality were more optimistic. For special maintenance parts product quality is more safely. Auto parts shop product quality is worrying.

      Automobile lamps mainly consists of three parts: lens, mirror, car bulbs. And the design of the lens, mirror and the two and the bulb filament position with the rationality is the key factor that directly affects the quality of product of lamps and lanterns.

      Do not just focus on price
      Auto lamps on the market from RMB10 to RMB100 and quality is uneven. Howerer, a complete set of lamps and lanterns is always in a few 10RMB, basically it will not appear in the auto parts market circulation.

      Choose the normal manufacturer 
      Consumers should give preference to use large enterprise production car lighting products, light bulbs can choose normal bulb manufacturers products.
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