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      Increase lamp brightness, driving more safety!
      Published date: 12/03/2O14

      With the spring coming, frequent rainfall day by day, many owners think the lights are bright enough already, even rougher, reduces the penetrability of light rain. The height of the water surface reflective for night drives the driver but also caused serious vision disorders.To enhance the brightness of the light became the most urgent task at this time.

      Power increased? Not a wise choice.

      The simplest natural is a good way to strengthen the power of the headlight, although this method with low cost and simple construction, but the effect is limited and there is a certain hidden danger.

       xenon lamp HID gas  also called discharge lamp. It is high brightness, high color temperature, long life, low energy consumption;The disadvantage is that the price is high, the installation is not easy, forcibly converted xenon will lead to the original car light distribution is not in conformity with the national standards, and can accord with standard of original lighting lamps and lanterns price is surprisingly high.The main problem is HID lamp color temperature is too high, cause the lights had even than ordinary light penetrability  under the fog, therefore is not recommended.

      Car  headlights amplifier is a good choice.

      There is a product called intelligent good device to the car headlights Now on the market. It adopts the method of constant pressure for automobile headlamps alone, which provides a constant working voltage, improves lighting levels, and without the changes over engine speeds. Do not change the light distribution of the original car headlights, without increasing the original car line load, safe and practical.


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